Morning Routines

My Morning Routine

  1. Make my bed — I think it’s important to accomplish something right away. It also prevents you from getting back into your bed, since you just made it.
  2. Drink water — While you’re sleeping, your body uses water to heal and repair cells. So you need to refill the water supply.
  3. Run — I run about 2km every morning. Nothing crazy here but it gets the heart pumping and gives me some fresh air. It feels refreshing and you get to interact with life.
  4. Cold Shower — Nothing wakes me up better than a cold shower. The instant shock to the body boosts your immune system and brings you to 100%. I published an article on the benefits of cold showers, check it out.
  5. Make Breakfast — At this point, I’m hungry and it’s time to eat. My staples are eggs, peanut butter on toast, bananas, choco. milk, and chicken. I mix and match to make a high protein breakfast. (Roughly 700 Cals)

How to Change Your Morning Routine


“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” — Benjamin Franklin




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